Our activities

Daily entertainment

Bleu Résidence gives you access to a monthly entertainment program.
Activities are offered every day of the week, at the residence and sometimes at outside: lotto, themed meals, birthdays with entertainment, various snacks, conferences, trips to the museum or the cinema, board games, supervised gentle gym, etc.

The activities and events are supervised by a qualified facilitator and by external speakers.

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Sports and leisure area

The sports and leisure area is available with free access, and is at your disposal with or without the presence of your physiotherapist.

It has a bike, parallel bars, dumbbells, etc.

gentle gymnastics workshops and yoga sessions are also offered every week.

Manual activities

Painting, ceramics, baking, themed meal decoration workshops, and much more are also on the program, offered by our facilitator but also by some residents.

Have fun and interact with other residents during the afternoons.

Recreational activities

Belote competitions, loto, memory games, gentle gymnastics, board games or karaokerhythm in the afternoons at Bleu Résidence Lormont. 

Themed meals are offered each month, allowing everyone to get together and enjoy entertainment around a good meal.

External speakers

To vary the pleasures and activities, we regularly bring in outside professionals

These speakers can offer you various activities such as therapeutic art or animal mediation

Musicians can also come along for an afternoon of music.

City outings

Outings outside the residence are regularly offered: museum, cinema, theater, or even restaurant on the Arcachon basin.